In Wonnegau you will be attracted to the wine, that is found in the many wineries, taverns of the vineyards and wine fests, allowing for “Wine tasting”. Idyllic villages, far removed from the hectic big city, decorate the landscape.

Something special are our “Trulli” (plural). The word “trullo” (singular) is of Italian origin and designates “round houses built without mortar”.  They are often found in the Apulia region of Italy. Until the middle of the last century they were considered housing for low income people. Here, in our area, they are used as refuges in the vineyards and wine hills. Vernacular they are called “Wingertsheisjer”, what means a little house (heisje) in the vineyard (wingert) - so - a vineyard-hut.

Their construction is attributed to Lombard builders, that once worked in the sand stone- quarries in our area.

To honor the “Trulli”, the joint community Monsheim and the bordering community of Bockenheim have established the "Trullo-bicycle hike" (Monsheim started in 1997 and Bockenheim in 2007). On the 3rd Sunday in June, roughly 20 Trulli’s are entertained to bicyclists and wanderers with wine and food.

Many more beautiful trails and bicycle routes that more challenging are available for those of high performance. Want to take it a little easier? Then the following tips may give you some suggestions.


The “Volkerstadt” town of Alzey, also secretly called the capital city of the wine region of Rhenish Hesse (Rheinhessen), even though in modern times. Alzey is a part of Rheinland Pfalz (since 1947) and just 14 km (8.6 miles) away. A beautiful old-town feel, with many shopping and sightseeing opportunities. (Volker was a historic character in the Epic Poem “Nibelungenlied” or "Song of the Nibelung", who was loyal to Sigfried the Dragon slayer). Alzey is home to a gorgeous castle, beautiful parks, Roman Ruins and wonderful medieval architecture.   

The “Nibelungenstadt” of Worms - 15 km (9.3 miles) - with a Roman imperial cathedral (Kaiserdom), the Luther Monument (Lutherdenkmal), various museums, the promenade on the Rhine (Rheinpromenade), games of the fest of the Nibelung (Nibelungenfestspiele), the baked fish festival (Backfischfest) is annualy at the end of August, the annual Jazzfest and sand bar at the river Rhine.


Kirchheimbolanden and the Donnersberg - 20km (12.2 miles) aptly named the “Little residence” with the medieval city center. Located above the city, at the foot of the Donnersberg, you find beautiful wander paths in the silence of the forest.


Bad Dürkheim / Weinstrasse - 28 km (17.3 miles) with a classical spa house, spa park and gaming casino. A huge attraction is the sauna indoor outdoor salt water and fresh water leisure pool called the “Salinarium”, which also offers massages and other relaxation activities. Recreational water parks, Hamams (Turkish Bath), Roman Villas and Roman rock quarries, the Castle ruins of Hardenburg, the Limburg Abbey monastery ruins, the Geo-adventure path (Geo-Erlebnispfard) … and of course the Dürkheimer gigantic wine barrel (Riesenfass).


Mannheim- 37km (22.9 miles) - in the square town the shoppers heart beats louder (translated from the town’s motto). It’s no wonder, because whether it’s bargain shopping or super luxurious, basic or extravagant, there is nothing, that doesn’t exist here. Especially for shoe shoppers! In Mannheim, you will find whatever your feet desire. The Barockschloss (Baroque Castle), the Luisenpark (with Gondola’s), the Old Water Tower (City symbol) erected in 1889, the Herzogenriedpark (old medieval type of park) with botanical gardens, Rope Circus

(Seilzirkus), Hellish Caves (Höhlenlabyrinth). From Mannheim it's just 20 minutes to Heidelberg.


Holiday Park - 45km (27.9 Miles) - THE Amusement park of Germany


Mainz - 51 km (31 Miles) the state capital of the Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland- Pfalz), home to many churches (among others the Dome and “Stephanskirche” with stained glass Chagall windows), museums, the Citadel, botanical gardens, old town charm with comfortable character hide behind rococo facades and in baroque style houses you find elegant boutiques, cafes and wine bars.


Kaiserslautern ( K- Town ) - 51 km (31 miles) lies in the nature park of the palatine woods, regional horticultural show 2000, Japanese Garden, Zoo, Dino Park, Castle Hohenecken, Fritz-Walter Stadium (football), Ruins of the imperial palace, the Carnival “Lautrer Kerwe” in May and October.


Bad Kreuznach an der Nahe - 52km (32.3 Miles) is perfect for a nice stroll. With bridge- houses from the 15th century, thermal spa “Crucenia-Therme”, Bäderhaus (Bathhouse) - one of the largest wellness and spa areas of all of Germany. Open air saline of 1100 meters long, the largest in all of Europe, a former Manor House with 3

museums (Roman Hall with excavations from Roman times, Castle Park Museum and the Museum of puppet theater culture along with the festival of “Marionettisimo” in November), The Observatory on Kuhberg and the Dragonfest mid to late April.


Bad Sobernheim - from Bad Kreuznach approximately 20 km on the B-41 (like the autobahn - better call it a small autobahn), home of Monastic Ruins of Disibodenberg (where Hildegard von Bingen spent most of her life - a wonderful place to see an to be). Barfoot trails, Wine hills terraces and Orchid trails on the Naheweinstrasse L232 near Staudernheim, Open Air Museum (historic buildings).


Speyer – 55 km (34 Miles) - Technology Museum, The Elwedritsche Museum of fabled mythical creatures of the palatinate, the Dome, Sea Life Park, many cultural events, the Pretzel Fest (Brezelfest) in July, the Kaisertafel (like a renaissance fest) in August, and in September the Old Town Fest and the Farmers Market in front of the scenery of the Speyer Cathedral (Kaiserdom).


Bingen (the town of Hildegard) -55 km (34 Miles) - Regional Horticultural Show 2008 (Culture Shore/Park at the Mouse Tower (Mäuseturm), Mouse Tower (famous in folklore), Rochuskapelle (small Cathedral), the Binger Champagne fest 7th through 9th of May 2015, “The Night of Seduction” (small but fine wine fest in the middle of the vineyards on Rochusberg) 4th through the 6th of June 2015, International Jazzfest 26th through 28 of June 2015, Rhein in Flames 4th of July 2015.


Heidelberg - 58 km (36 Miles) Castle Heidelberg hovers over the old town rooftops, apothecary museum, cable railway from the Corn Market to the castle, weekly market (saturday’s) at the Tiefburg (formerly a medieval moated castle), Zoo, various museums as the "Studentenkarzer" (student prison cells from the University of Heidelberg used for unruly students). Also, the German Packing Museum and Botanical Gardens.

Events: Castle Lighting ceremony 6th, and the 11th of July and 5th of September 2015 at 10:15 PM, the Heidelberg Literature Days (scheduled for May 2015), Castle Fest Games 27th of June through 2nd of August 2015, International Music Fest of Heidelberg Spring 21st of March through 25 of April 2015, Summer days parade in March and "Enjoy Jazz" from October to November.


Landau / Pfalz - 60 km (37.2 Miles) regional horticultural show 2015, The Landauer summer in July (Music and Culinary Fest, the Fest of the Federweißer (young wine) in October, the "Reptilium" and a Zoo.